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About Us

IfCondition is a software company, educational call center, advertising agency, and one of the largest companies providing live chat customer support services for websites. A small group of software developers started this company in 2009 and brought it to where it is today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality and affordable IT solutions simultaneously. While our services are top-notch, we ensure that they are affordable for people everywhere. We want to be able to serve all types of clients, ensuring that everyone has access to our solutions.
Software Development
So far, IfCondition has developed around a hundred large desktop and web software solutions through its software house. Large organizations use our solutions to make their businesses function better. Resultantly, they extract immense benefits from using our services.
E-Learning Solutions.
Thousands of students have benefited from our online tuition classes through the IfCondition Educational Call Center. At the same time, thousands more continue to take one-on-one online classes via Skype for Business. Hence, our services are uplifting and transforming lives.
Advertising and SEO
Various websites have drawn benefits from IfCondition’s advertising solutions. As a result, we have raised many websites to prominence by enabling them to rank highly in Google searches through Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, we also empower businesses through paid advertising methods.
Website Live Chat Support
IfCondition is currently providing live chat support services to more than a hundred websites. Our services include both sales and after-sales customer support. Hence, not only do we help businesses with sales, but we also assist them with customer support for an all-encompassing solution.

Well Experienced

We are coding
since 2009

Not Just coding but running a successful call centre. Website LiveChat Solution and tele-educational institute.